What is a Link Pyramid?

It is quite easier to develop and understand link pyramid structure. It is made up of different tiers that are useful in their own way. You will be glad to know that backlink pyramid was the very first backlinking strategies. It was designed when Google first time started using backlinks for online traffic. This pyramid can be easily implemented and one can explain it in several useful ways. This well defined strategy allows users to use rich quality backlinks for money site, improves index rate and strengthens those links to deliver higher results.

Structure of Link Pyramid:

You will find this structure somewhat self explanatory. It is designed in form of tiers that appear like pyramid. One of the most common structure of link pyramid use to have three tier structures that can be defined as below:

Tier 1:

This tier is responsible for connecting you to the highest quality links. Generally these links are manually created with the help of Web 2.0, high PR social bookmarks and high PR blog posts. As these links are going to have direct contact with your website so you need to ensure that they have great diversity and does not appear spammy to end users.

Tier 2:

Here is the second tier of links that deals with medium quality link. Users can prefer to use auto create links and spun content for this section. The article directories, low PR backlinks and wiki links are best choice for second tier of link pyramid. Note that, this second tier of links usually points to the first tier to perform its operations. The major target of these links on second tier is to improve quality of tier 1 links and boost the index rate for them. Professionals often prefer to link several tier 2 links with single link of tier 1 as it enhances quality of service. It clearly means that you have to create almost 10 or 20 times higher tier 2 as compared to the first tier.

Tier 3:

Tier 3 is the low quality link section that contains wiki links, pligg bookmarks and auto approved type blog comments. Now this third tier section is designed to point back to the second tier as it works for strengthening of links at second tier. The major goal of these 3rd tier backlinks is to boost the index rate for tier 2. Google does not use to index most of the backlinks that are available on tier 3 thus it becomes essential to address few backlinks from tier 2 to enhance outcome. Again, tier 3 needs almost 10 to 20 time higher links as compared to tier 2.

Best link pyramid features as compared to link wheels, present more natural occurrence. Google is not observed to penalize these backlink pyramids; they have real concern with quality only. Always prefer to develop high quality links at tier one and tier 2 links must be capable enough to develop great Google index. You can take help from professionals to develop link pyramid structure.

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